The Bottom Line: We Need to Talk About Money (ATB Panel)

Maura Shaftoe

Panelist, Insurance Advisor, ATB

For Maura Shaftoe, making sure you have the right insurance coverage is like making sure you have the right brake pads. You never want to be caught without it, says the hot rod aficionado. Insurance protects entrepreneurs, families and businesses, providing leverage for a strong future, and hinges on one main thing.

“You are your biggest asset,” Maura says. As a member of ATB’s Investor Services team, she engages in frank conversations with her clients to learn about who they are, what they value and how she can help them tailor a plan to fit their unique needs. 

As a successful singer/songwriter, Maura is passionate about the human spirit and equally passionate about helping people protect the future they work so hard to shape. “One thing I really believe in is that everyone counts,” she says. It’s a philosophy that resounds throughout her life and has taken her from a decades-long career in the automotive industry to ATB. 

Maura accesses all the top carriers in Canada to help clients, from individuals, business owners and corporations, meet their insurance needs at all levels. “Insurance is just part of the overall financial picture; it’s really about protecting what people are trying to build with their lives,” she says. 

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"You are your biggest asset."

-Maura Shaftoe